Short Term Programs

Short term programs for troubled teens might serve as an ideal solution for alternatives to military school. Many parents might choose to look into short term programs because they see them as a better solution both financially and to better correct a difficult situation.

Parents who are dealing with a troubled teen can attest that these years are the toughest of their children's lives thus far. Some parents may find themselves at their wits end and no longer have control over their rebellious teen. This is the place where the parents may begin to consider alternative programs to help get their children back on track toward a bright and successful future. Some of these programs may entail entire education overhauls by sending your child to a reform or military school. However, this effort may seem extreme to some parents. However, they still need some solution to their teen's behavioral problems. This is when short term programs as an alternative to military school might be a financially and all around better option.

Military School Alternatives:

Military schools can be extremely expensive especially if the teen has to be boarded throughout the entire year. The costs of some military schools can cost about $40,000 per year covering all costs of tuition, boarding and food expenses. However, short term programs are a better alternative financially because they are just for a short period of time. There are many short term programs available that range in type and length. It is simply up to the wishes of the parents to determine which length option is best. The cost is often much less for these types of programs and parents might even see faster results than if their child went to a military school. Some teens are more out of control than others. Some may have drug dependency issues, underage drinking behaviors, etc. Depending on the troubles your teen is facing often determine which type of short term program is best for them.

Short Term Programs:

There are a few different options to choose from when determining which short term programs might be best for your teen. Location is often also another factor to be considered when trying to choose the best program in addition to overall cost and length of the program. If you live close to a short term program, that option might be among the most least expensive simply because you won't have to pay for travel expenses. Some of the short term programs for troubled teens include boot camp. These boot camp options exist in hundreds of locations throughout the United States. You can even find many of these programs online to learn more about which camp is closest to you, cost information, length of the program and how it can benefit your teen. Sometimes these boot camp programs will take place at a stationary camp location and will use military-like confrontations and commands to help get the teens "in line" with the program. Other times boot camps may be referred to as wilderness programs and involve a group of teens learning to work together and survive in an isolated situation. Often times boot camps are a court-ordered program. However, there are some boot camps that are ideal for teens that simply have issues with authority and respect. These teens may act out in defiance by engaging in rebellious acts like drinking, drugs, disrespect and promiscuity. 

However an ideal short term program is able to help the teens overcome the issues they are dealing with, which is why they are acting out in the first place. Reputable short term programs like boot camps, or even some residential treatment centers for teens with drug problems will focus on treating the teens with compassion and respect, which the leaders expect in return from the teen. Sometimes all a teen needs to do is resolve outside issues that are bothering them and causing them to behave inappropriately. The idea behind short term programs is to take the teens away from their current environment that is contributing to their negative behaviors like video games, drinking and drugs. Instead, the short term programs takes them into an entirely new environment that is focused on the teens taking care of themselves in a wilderness setting. These short term programs are often great alternatives to military school because they provide teens with a jump start toward better behavior and recovery. They may even leave the program feeling empowered with better self-esteem and appreciation for the adventure they had while in the program. 


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