Boys Military School Cost

Boys military school cost vary depending on many factors. Attending specialty schools, such as military schools, is costly. This article offers an overview of military academy tuition, boarding, pricing, and other factors in overall military school costs.

When considering boys military school costs, it can be difficult to know how to estimate, especially if you have no previous experience. This article will help you take account of factors you should include in your military school cost calculations.

The Main Factors in Military School Cost

The largest boys military school cost involved in sending a boy to military school is the tuition, there may be a reduction if you live in state, but this is not offered at every school. The second largest single boys military school cost is generally room and board. Sending a boy to military school as a day student is generally much less expensive than as a boarding school student, for obvious reasons. Some schools may offer a 5-day boarding program as an alternative to a 7-day boarding program. This may only be an alternative if you live within a certain distance of the military school, however.

The chart shows the amounts for day students and boarding students at boys military schools for which the information is available. The chart does not show coeducational schools or schools for which no military school costs could be found. (Note that some schools apparently do not want to make these figures public and will only supply them if you provide them with contact information or call the miiltary school indicating that your son is interested.)The double dash means that the information was not available or not applicable. Some schools offer a 5-day boarding option, which is not included in the chart. Note that in some cases, schools have an increased boys military school cost for international boarding students. In cases where they do not, there may be an additional international fee that is simply listed in a different category.

Boys only military schools for which tuition informatino is available:

School Name

Day Student

7-Day Boarding

Army and Navy Academy



Camden Military Academy



Carson Long Military Institute



Fishburne Military School



Fork Union Military Academy



Hargrave Military Academy



$31,350 Int’l students

Marine Military Academy



Missouri Military Academy



Riverside Military Academy



$31,000 Int’l students

St. Catherine’s Military Academy



St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy



$33,500 Int’l students

St. Johns’ Military School



St. Thomas Military Academy



Valley Forge Military Academy



Other Boys Military School Costs

There are other boys military school costs besides tuition, room, and board involved in military school, however, and some of them can be substantial. Check with the schools you are considering for an exact accounting of their charges, and note that some military schools group charges that others list separately. Here is a run-down of some charges that are likely or possible.

  • Student fees
  • Special International Student fees
  • Application fee - this cost may only become apparent when you download the application
  • Enrollment fees for new students
  • Reenrollment fees for continuing students
  • Transportation - at least one school has a statement that implies a requirement that students arrive by air
  • Haircuts
  • Uniforms
  • Uniform Dry Cleaning
  • Books
  • Personal expenses
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Appointments
  • Lab fees
  • Field Trip fees
  • Special class fees for classes that have special equipment or other requirements, such as Aerospace classes, Driver’s Ed, Scuba, Music Lessons, Flying Lessons, SAT Preparation, etc.
  • Medication Disbursement fee
  • College testing and applications (treated as a military school fee by at least one school)

Lowering Boys Military School Costs

The main things that can affect the total boys military school cost are applying a sibling discount, if one is offered, and financial aid. Financial aid applications may be part of the admissions process or handled as a separate application. Financial aid is most often offered in the form of a scholarship, a grant, or a loan, but there may be other possibilities. Sometimes there are specific types of scholarships, such as athletic scholarships, band scholarships, Before ruling out a military school as too expensive, check into the financial aid information on its website and see if it tells what the typical award is. Consider calling a financial aid counselor at the school if you want to speak more in depth about your personal situation.

Payment plans, which are often offered, may also be a way of making the payments easier by spreading them out over the course of the year. Alternatively, there may be a payment discount for paying the amount in full by a set date. Also, when considering the financial impact of military school, don’t forget to include in your calculations the fact that a deposit is generally required upon acceptance of admission. The amount varies, so check with the military school(s) you are interested in.

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