Benefits of Single Sexed Schools

When it comes to finding the benefits of single sexed schools, it is important for parents to look at all their options when considering the best educational opportunities for their children. To start, the benefits of single sexed schools include the ability for students to focus on their school work more so than the distractions of their other classmates.

There are a few different benefits of single sexed schools that can occur depending on the age of the student, the teacher and the school. Some single sexed schools are beneficial in the way that students can focus more on learning rather than worrying about the other students and opposite sex peers. Most studies that have been done regarding the benefits of single sexed schools indicate that they are really only successful in providing a better educational experience over coed schools when the students are of a certain age. Because when students are going through hormonal changes, they are more aware of their attraction for members of the opposite sex and can get distracted during classes. However, for younger students that don't really care about that sort of thing yet, the benefits of single sexed schools are unclear, according to recent research. 

The benefits of single sexed schools also applies more to students that are female. According to recent studies on the subject of gender-based school systems, female students tend to do better in school when they are divided from their male peers. However, the studies also indicate that male students actually do better when they are in the same class room as their female peers. Typically, most single sexed schools are also in the private school sector, rather than public schools. That is why it often costs much more to send your teen to a single sexed school than in comparison to a public school that is coed. Ultimately it is important for the parents to recognize if the benefits of single sexed schools will outweigh the cons, or if the benefits will actually apply to your student. Some students simply thrive in a single sexed school while other students will struggle to succeed. 

Other Benefits of Single Sexed Schools:

The most beneficial and effective single sex educational schools are the ones that are trained and practiced in the concept of providing single sex education. The teachers at these schools have been trained to be gender specific when teaching the students according to their gender. Because students might have different learning preferences that is affected by their gender, it is more effective when the teacher is trained and comfortable with teaching this way. 

The schools that have offered gender specific schooling for years are the best options for parents who are considering sending their children to single sexed schools. The teachers that are just thrown into a new classroom with all girls or all boys are not going to be trained in specific gender teaching techniques and therefore the split between genders will not be any more effective than coed learning.

Basically the concepts behind single sexed schools indicate that a successful learning experience is one that must be done correctly. It also must be done for age appropriate students or there really won't be much of a difference for younger children. The teachers and school itself must also be dedicated in providing a superior single sexed educational opportunity for its students. 

The benefits of single sex education also include the fact that boys, who typically excel in math and sciences, will have the opportunity to strive in other subjects like foreign language classes and English. Conversely, girls who normally do better in the arts and languages classes now have the opportunity to excel in other classes and subjects like math and science. Fortunately this is a good way to prevent gender bias that might be seen in coeducational classrooms. 

For parents that are considering single sex education, it is important for parents to consider all of their options to help determine the best educational opportunities for their children to determine if the benefits of single sexed education are worth it for their children.


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