Military Summer School

Regarding activities a teen can do during summer, some parents might opt to send their teen to military summer school. Other parents may not realize that military summer school is available. Considering military summer school for your teen could be a great idea for many parents and their teens.

There are many reasons to consider sending your child to military summer school. There are also various types of military summer school to consider for your teen depending on why you want to send him or her to military summer school. Included in these reasons to send your teen to military summer school are for disciplinary reasons, although it is a misconception to think that parents only send their teen to a military-based camp for a disciplinary measure. In many cases, military summer school can be used as a way to broaden the horizons of the teen, teach them important lessons and how to become a confident and effective leader.

Reasons to Consider Military Summer School:

  • Confidence building
  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Make friends
  • Get out of the house and more active
  • Discipline and structure

Military summer schools can be found in various locations throughout the United States. You may even have a military summer school located in your area that would be an affordable option to consider for your teen's summer vacation. Because military summer schools take on a structured approach to teaching children and teens life lessons, a military setting is a great place for your teen to learn about discipline and structure. If your teen has been acting out, frequently disobeying or getting involved with the wrong type of friends and becoming a more rebellious teenager, a setting like a military summer school would be a great place for them to interact with other teens their own age while participating in great learning activities that are also fun and exciting. Many military summer schools allow the teens to participate in water sport activities, boating, canoeing, etc. They also get to do team-building activities like rock climbing, obstacle courses and more.  

If you are a parent that is concerned about your teen sitting in front of the television all summer, a military summer school would be a great alternative summer activity. In this setting, they will be up and moving constantly, engaging in fun activities all while getting ahead in school or making up other credits that they may have failed previously. It is important when choosing the right military summer school, that the credits will transfer back to your child's regular schooling. Many parents think they only way their child can get a military-level educational experience is to attend a four-year military high school. However that is not the case when parents consider the option to send their teen to a military summer school. 

Teens are notorious for struggling with making the right friends, establishing confidence as well as learning leadership and teamwork skills. In a setting like military summer school, teens are immediately taught various activities and confidence-boosting skills. This is a great way to let your child explore what skills they have and what they might be good at doing. Building confidence and learning leadership training and skills is a great way for your child to return from his or her summer vacation to have the skills to find great friends, succeed in school and go on to be a productive and successful adult. 

Finding a Military Summer School:

To learn more about choosing the best military summer school for your teen, it is important to choose a military summer school program that is willing to easily transfer the credits back to your child's regular school. In addition, cost might be a factor for some parents, but some military summer schools might offer financial programs or scholarships that parents can consider. Just do your research, talk to your child's school counselor to find if they have any recommendations to determine which military summer school program is best for your teen. 

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