Military Discipline at Boys Schools

Military discipline at boys schools is quite common. This article discusses the aspects of military discipline, including physical discipline and mental discipline. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of military discipline at boys schools.

One of the important aspects of getting ahead in school and in life is having a certain amount of discipline. Discipline, however, can be hard to learn on one’s own. Having a place to go to learn about discipline can be helpful for teenagers who are looking for a little more focus in their lives and looking for the tools to help them improve their performance. Military discipline can be one way to learn these skills. Military schools for boys offer a structured environment that can show teenagers the advantages of self discipline.

Aspects of military discipline at boys schools

There are different aspects of military discipline at boys schools. Military discipline includes mental discipline as well as physical discipline. Additionally, the military values honor and loyalty. These are characteristics that can be learned along with discipline and enhanced by the lifestyle of discipline found at military schools. Here are some things to keep in mind about different aspects of military discipline at boys schools:

  • Physical discipline: Most people immediately think of the physical aspect of military discipline. This requires one to keep one’s body in good physical condition - to be “in shape.” Drilling and physical conditioning help military school students learn military style physical discipline. Physical discipline also requires cultivating good sleeping habits and eating habits so that you are in as good condition as possible. This also helps keep the mind, as well as the body, alert. Physical discipline also includes learning controlled movements and taking care of one’s physical appearance, looking clean and neat, and caring for the clothing one wears and paying attention to one’s physical space (such as a room or bunk).
  • Mental discipline: Military discipline at boys schools also includes the mental portion. You learn how to make decisions (especially if you are in a military school and on track to becoming an officer), and how to apply your mind. At a military school for teen boys, you learn study techniques and exercises that will help you think more quickly. This is an essential skill in situations of pressure, and not just situations that involve school work. Mental discipline also includes training on how to reduce emotional involvement in decision making, and how to appropriately direct emotion in a number of situations.

Attending a military school can help a teen boy by teaching him these disciplinary skills. Self discipline can be a helpful asset to those who are looking to advance in nearly any field, from business to science to art. Additionally, learning military discipline as a teenager can be quite helpful for those who plan to make the military a career. Conditioning oneself ahead of time can make for an easier transition through boot camp and/or officer training programs. Understanding the physical and mental aspects of military discipline can help someone go much farther in a number of areas, while providing him with access to a quality education. For those with behavioral problems, military discipline via a boot camp or wilderness program can help overcome these issues. (Note that military schools, though, do not often accept troubled teen boys. You will have to find specific military style programs aimed at troubled teenagers.)

It is also worth noting that military discipline at boys schools includes the use of uniforms and other paraphernalia to create a sense of unity and loyalty. The ideals of honor and fidelity to your group are an integral part of military discipline. These are qualities that can help teen boys throughout life as well.

While military school and military style discipline are not for everyone, it is true that some boys benefit immensely from such an environment. If you are looking for a challenging place for your boy, and one that can help him develop lifelong skills, a school that includes military discipline can be a good choice.

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