Boot Camps

Boot Camps are not military schools. Boot camps are an alternative to a military school and are generally used for behavior modification purposes. If you have a troubled teen boy that needs some help with his behavior learn more about boot camps here.

One of the ways to help your troubled teen modify his behavior is to consider boot camp. Boot camps are structured environments, set up like military boot camps, that teach discipline and attempt to help teenagers make changes. These programs are designed to wear down teenagers, give them something else to focus on, and teach them to control themselves. Military style boot camps are considered an option for troubled teen boys who display defiance, and may even be in trouble with the law.

The only free boot camps for teen boys are those funded by state programs. These are usually only available to those who are already in the juvenile system. However, there are other boot camps that provide programs meant to help reform teens. These usually cost money and they last anywhere from one weekend to two months. It is important to note that in some cases, boot camps are not effective as long term solutions. It is vital that you assess the needs of your teenager before making a decision about boot camp.

Boot camps also include hybrid programs, such as wilderness programs and substance abuse programs. Wilderness programs should be carefully screened, since there have been instances where the remoteness of the programs have contributed to serious health problems and even death. However, the influence of nature can be helpful in providing change for your teenager.

Boot camp is not military school

It is vital to understand the difference between boot camp and military school. Boot camps are relatively short term. They operate on military principles, and are generally aimed at troubled teens. Military school, however, is a different story. Most military schools will not tolerate troubled teens that act out. If you have a teenager that looks to be headed down the wrong path, but that is not violent or in serious trouble as yet, a military school can introduce helpful structure and discipline. However, many military schools will not accept students with severe behavioral problems. A military school is considered a privilege, and one where an academically challenging curriculum is provided in an environment where focus, discipline and excellence are encouraged.

Military style boarding schools

If you do not think that boot camp will provide the needed remedy for behavior problems, you can consider military style boarding schools. These boarding schools for troubled teens are specifically designed to help reform teens, and you can enter your teen into a program that lasts anywhere from six months to two or more years. There are many aspects of these schools that are similar to boot camps: Structure, discipline, physical activity, and requirements to modify behavior. A boarding school also has the added advantage of separating your teenager from friends that may be bad influences.

For some troubled teens military style boarding schools can be a good solution when other ideas are failing. However, it is important to realize that problems can be made worse in some cases, if your teen boy feels he is being abandoned or foisted off on someone else. This can increase resentment in some cases, and some teens try to run away from the boarding school.

In the end, you have to do what is best for your teenager. Your troubled teen boy may benefit from a military school, or a military style school. Or one of the many available boot camps may be enough to help get him on the right track.

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