Military School Values

Military school values could help troubled teens but military schools are not a place for delinquents. Military school values are rigorous, and these learning institutions rarely admit troublemakers. Learn more about military school values.

Most people, when they think of military school, see images seen, for the most part, in Hollywood. Visions of a bleak prison-like school, populated with vengeful drill sergeants and defiant teenagers, haunt many who think about military schools. As a result, a large number of people do not realize that military school is very different from its portrayal in popular media. However, military is not like that at all. Rather than being a place for delinquents, military schools are actually quite discerning. Very few will take students with severe behavioral problems (most won't even consider those with more than mild issues). Instead, military schools are places were values are taught, and where students are expected to excel.

Military School Values

Military schools are places where specific values are taught. Many of these military school values are based on traditional military values that have been instilled in soldiers for centuries. These military school values include:

  • Discipline: One of the most important military school values is discipline. It is important to have control of yourself and, to develop habits of discipline. Without discipline, a military unit falls into chaos. Just as soldiers learn discipline, this value is taught at military schools. Students are expected to show discipline in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities, and are taught to control their actions.
  • Respect: Respect for self and others is taught in the military school values. Respect for those who have been placed above you is also important. Most military schools expect students to treat instructors with the utmost respect, and to show respect for their fellows. Military school values also stress self respect and taking pride in a job well done. Respect keeps a civil society functioning, and military school aims to instill a sense of respect in students.
  • Loyalty: Soldiers are expected to show loyalty to their leaders and their fellow soldiers. Those in military school learn about loyalty and fellowship through military school values.
  • Leadership: There are some that are well equipped to lead. These types of people show themselves in the military, and they are encouraged at military school. Indeed, many military schools pride themselves on teaching leadership skills to their students. This can be a good way to develop the skills needed to lead the future -- even if they do not choose military careers.
  • Achievement: Knowing how to set goals, and being willing to work to achieve them, are important characteristics. Military school life often challenges students to set the bar high, and then do their best to achieve their goals. Military school values teach hard work, persistence, and the importance of having something to strive for.

Military school values are ingrained in the way many schools train their students. When students are encouraged to develop discipline, respect, loyalty, leadership and a desire to achieve, they become better people, and they have the opportunity to excel. Many military schools have advanced classes and programs that can help students reach a higher level of excellence than they have achieved thus for. This is because the values held dear at military schools often create an environment conducive to learning.

If your child is considering military school, it helps to consider the facts. Most military school students are high achievers with high standards. Do your homework and look for a school with solid values that you agree with. Then, consider that military school, and its values, might be the best thing for your teenager.

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