Howe Military School Review

This Howe Military School Review offers information on the history, mission, and academics of Howe Military school. Keep reading to learn about Howe's military summer camp for boys, the athletics dept., and how to apply for admission to Howe Military school.

Howe Military school began as a grammar school in 1884. Today, it is a co-educational college preparatory boarding school for students in grades 5-12. It is located in Howe, Indiana, which is in the northeastern part of the state. This article gives a review of Howe military.

Howe Military School Review of History and Mission

Howe Military School was founded with funds from the estate of John B. Howe combined with contributions from his widow. Howe has ties to the Episcopal church, but admits students of any faith. Our Howe Military School review found that their JROTC program, recognized by the US Army since 1921 as being run “with distinction, ” in an integral part of the high school program and participation is required. Howe Military School is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS), and the American Camp Association (ACA). In addition, the Upper School is accredited by the State of Indiana.

Howe Military School reviews show that Howe’s mission focuses on developing the whole cadet with a regimen that combines academics and spiritual formation. The military aspect of the Howe’s experience is aimed at preparing students for leadership and life, rather than for military service, though some students do go on to the military.

Review of Howe Military School Academics

Howe Military School is divided into a Lower School and an Upper school. Our review found that Howe Military School features an individualized grading system referred to as PAR, short for Potential Achievement Rating. PAR involves expectations for a GPA (grade point average) set by past performance and updated every six weeks (the length of the marking period) to reflect current performance.

The Lower School includes grades 5 through 8, while the Upper School has the traditional high school grades of 9 through 12. At Howe Military School fifth graders spend their day in a single classroom, while students in grade 6 and up change classes each period.

The Lower School curriculum includes core courses of English, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Electives include courses that touch on leadership, keyboarding, and introduction to foreign languages, and physical education. Seventh and eight graders can try out for band, and eighth grade students have the option of taking additional elective choices: either foreign language or computer applications and photography, for which they receive high school credit. Our Howe Military School review found that the Upper School offers a college preparatory curriculum.

Howe Military School Review of Summer Camp Program for Boys

Howe runs a boys-only summer school with 3- and 6-week sessions for boys aged 9 to 15. The camp runs from the third week of June through the end of July. The camp experience combines outdoor recreation with leadership training and academic instruction in English and mathematics. For students preparing to enter grades 9 or 10, half-credit courses in English and Algebra are offered, covering the first semester of the school year. The summer camp is not equipped to offer learning accommodations.

Review of Howe Military School Athletics

Sports teams for the Lower School include soccer and cross country in the fall and basketball and wrestling in the winter semester. The Upper School offers girls volleyball, varsity boys tennis and varsity soccer in the fall and junior varsity and varsity basketball, varsity wrestling, rifle team and speech team in the winter.

Outcomes of Howe Military School Attendance

Every member of the class of 2006 went on to enroll at a college or university or to “further their military skills.” It is unclear if this refers to military academy enrollment, joining the armed forces, or something else.

Review of Howe Military School Admissions

Howe accepts applications for Fall and Winter terms. Applications procedures include a physical exam, recommendations from current English and Mathematics teachers, and a financial aid application. A visit, including an interview, is strongly encouraged, and there is an entrance examination. Howe Military School is not equipped for students who require learning accommodations.


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