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The purpose of this website is to provide the general public with knowledge about military schools for boys. If you are interested in a military career, or are a parent with a child interested in a military career, you will find great information here. Our goal is to cover all types of military schools including private schools, boarding schools, prep schools, and military highs schools. If you are a parent with a defiant teenager or troubled teenage boy, we also have a lot of great information on boot camps, wilderness programs, summer schools, and therapeutic boarding schools. You will also find reviews on some of the top military schools for boys.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is an important skill taught at military schools for boys. Boys with leadership skills tend to be more successful as adults. Learn more about the advantages of leadership training learned at a military school for boys.

Applying for Military School
Applying for military school is a big decision. Read this article to learn what to do when applying for military school. Get more information on choosing a military school for yourself or your teenage boy or to just learn more about military schools.
Short Term Programs
Short term programs for troubled teens might serve as an ideal solution for alternatives to military school. Many parents might choose to look into short term programs because they see them as a better solution both financially and to better correct a difficult situation.
Elementary Military School
Do elementary military schools exist? Parents who value the discipline, leadership, teamwork, and other positive skills taught by a military school education may wonder about elementary military schools. Learn about elementary military school options here.
Fork Union Military Academy Review
Read our Fork Union Military Academy review for info on this military school for young men in grades 6 through 12 and post graduates. It is located in Fork Union, Virginia and accepts boarding students. Read our Fork Union Military Academy review.